Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Venti Group Announces The CORE™ In-Building DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna

Venti Group announces The New CORE™ Low PIM Rated Dual-Polarized Omni Ceiling Mount Indoor DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna, supporting 698 - 2700 MHz, 3.0 - 3.6 GHz and the 4.9 GHz Public Safety Bands. The CORE™ True Horizontal & Vertical MIMO Antenna delivers up to 72% greater throughput over an all Vertical MIMO. Venti Group is taking orders now for immediate delivery.

The New CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna delivers unparalleled performance by utilizing true polarization diversity and a Low PIM Rating of -153 dBc or better across all frequency bands. The CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna leverages several of our patented technologies including the Venti Horizontally Polarized Antenna, SLEEV™, and PIMCONNECT™ resulting in unmatched performance and an industry best PIM Rating, essential in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). 

Finally, a True Dual Polarized MIMO with a Vertical and Horizontal Antenna is available at a list price of $149 for immediate installation for in-building DAS systems.